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50 Cent – FileSharing is OK! December 8, 2007

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With more and more artists revolting against the unfair fines, cruel punishments, and general opposition of filesharing, today, a heavyweight joins the ring.

Curtis Jackson III, AKA 50 Cent, started out as a drug dealer. Since launching his career as will as a record label, he has been shot many times, and he rose to fame.  He even started his own band, G-Unit, and his own record label to go with it.  A few weeks ago, 50 cent was reportedly sighted taking cocaine on stage (videos available on YouTube), and it is for this reason he was interviewed for Kjendis in Oslo. Before his preformance, he fully denied taking the drug, but he also had some things to say about filesharing.

“What is important for the music industry to understand is that this really doesn’t hurt the artists,” he says, on FileSharing. He, as many people do, feel like the industry needs to adapt. The easiest way to do this is to increase concerts. Whether fans steal or buy music, they come to concerts.
“The concerts are crowded and the industry must understand that they have to manage all the 360 degrees around an artist. They, (the industry), have to maximize their income from concerts and merchandise. It is the only way they can get their marketing money back.”

50 can also be seen talking about the fact that the music industry does not pay enough to its artists. The artists get a tiny cut, and the studio, who does nothing but release the album, get almost all the money. “Something needs to change.”

I agree that something needs to change, fast. But in the meantime, let’s buy as many 50 Cent CD’s as we can.

Full Interview: http://www.kjendis.no/2007/12/08/520577.html



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