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China Bans Hollywood Movies December 10, 2007

Posted by King Nerd in Uncategorized.

In a recent move by the Communist government of China, China has banned all Hollywood Movies and American productions until February of 2008, and possibly later.

Little is known, however no US studios have been given release slots in January or February of 2008.

This move probably comes as a result of trade issues with China, as well as the United States honoring Dalai Lam, causing Chinese anger.  Very few people in China, including the enormous State Administration of Radio Film & Television, do not know anything of the ban.  The rumor as of now is that the orders came from very high up.

Many supporters of this law say the United States is stifling local film production, as well as creativity.

According to ZeroPaid, this is not the first time US movies have been banned from China.  From June 20-July 11 and from July 21-August 12 mark other bans.

How does this apply to filesharing?  One of the causes of the ban was an argument between the US and Chinese government when the United States tried to put pressure on China to stop its gargantuan pirated movie industry.  This industry includes bootleg movies, as well as BitTorrent and direct downloads.  This is a huge hit for movie studios, as the main way they capitalized from the enormous economy in China was to show movies in theaters; very few people bought legal DVD’s.

We’ll keep you current over at The Pirate Blog.  Until next time, happy holidays.



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